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Too often in today’s world, we find it popular or common to demote the term “man,” as if we should be ashamed or feel guilty for being one. The war on masculinity is real, and we shall not stand idly by as each prickly, coarse, hair is sheared from our faces. We are being trained to think or look a certain way, and to gather our information from cell phones, or televisions, or social media. Man’s individuality is seemingly lost, even more-so today, with a political climate which denounces men from being able to proudly proclaim that in which they are.

We say “Blaze Your Own Trail” not only when giving encouragement to seek new paths and explore outdoors, but to embrace your individuality, man OR woman, and be proud of your heritage, no matter your sex, race, color, or creed.


About Us 

There is a long history of the American Buffalo or Bison, which stands as our solitary icon for Lord + Field. What once was a magnificent, thriving herd of 30+ million bison in North America, was quickly reduced over the course of only 1 century to a mere 325 bison by 1884.

A greedy lust for money and land gave rise to the fur trade in N.

America, spawning a rapid decline in bison population. Few laws

protected the wild buffalo, prompting tens of thousands of hunters to pour into the plains of N. America. Hides brought about $1.25 each, tongues 25 cents a piece, and bison bones were shipped in massive quantities via railroad to be used in making fertilizer, fine bone china, and in refining sugar. In 1874, one railroad company alone shipped nearly 7 million pounds of buffalo bones.

From 30,000,000 to 325. Just. Like. That.

The history of the buffalo is a reminder of the destruction caused by man, if man does not realize his own greed. Alternatively, it reminds us to persevere, as did the wild buffalo, who on the verge of extinction were saved by a few good men, including President “Teddy” Roosevelt, and Charles Goodnight, amongst others.

Our company seeks to revive the rugged frontiersman, the provider, the outdoorsman. Our products are designed to be used & abused in the elements. Our materials are meticulously chosen to out-perform while still being affordable. As my great-grandfather, one of the finest men I’ve never met once said,

“It is a time to rededicate our lives, our honor, our fortunes, to true

American ideals...” -George H. Dabbs

So go on, get out there.